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We Providing SolarWorld World class quality produces the best products with the highest quality, manufactured according to German and US quality standards in fully-automated ISO 9001 and 14001 certified factories.

TUV "Power controlled"

With the new TUV Rheinland test "Power controlled" it is guaranteed that the performance indicated for a Sunmodule solar panel is being met and that it is regularly monitored by the independent test service provider, TUV Rheinland. This additional security for investors and consumers is a further testament of SolarWorld's commitment to comprehensive quality assurance.

Outstanding products:

SolarWorld's modules were assessed by the ÖKO-TEST consumer magazine as "excellent".

Our quality, our warranty, our service


German quality standards:


Fully automated production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide.


25-year linear performance guarantee.


SolarWorld guarantees a maximum degression in performance of 0.7% p.a. for more than 25 years – a clear additional benefit compared with the conventional two stage industry guarantees. In addition, there is a product warranty that covers 10 years.


Why solar power?

Scarcity of resources, environmental degradation and damage to the environment are the most obvious disadvantages of oil, gas and coal. Moreover, fossil fuels, fossil fuel power stations and centralised power grids also make our society dependent on large corporations and undemocratic regimes. Such gigantic infrastructures are also far too expensive for developing countries, whatever happens. Renewable energies are thus the only way to guarantee an ecological, just energy supply in the future. Nuclear power does not provide an alternative either, as it is not only extremely hazardous, but is also actually a very expensive, finite resource which is by no means climate friendly.

The advantages of solar energy are self-evident

Sun and sand, the raw materials used to generate solar electricity, are inexhaustible. Electricity produced on rooftops will soon be cheaper than conventional electricity from a socket in the wall. Solar energy is thus well on its way to becoming the key technology for renewed economic growth and is comparable to the steam engine, the car or computer in former times.

There are no drawbacks to solar energy

Solar energy does not depend on electricity grids and fuels. It is the ideal source for a largely private, local, ecological and just electricity supply which is available anywhere. Germany is at the leading edge when it comes to expertise in this future technology.


SolarWorld Quality

Customers around the world rely on the SolarWorld brand. Those who choose SolarWorld receive top quality products from a manufacturer that implements a standardized quality system at all of its sites.

Fully automated production and thorough controls ensure reliability and consistency on all production levels – from the raw material silicon to wafers, cells and modules all the way through to recycling. Our intense research and development ensures efficiency and continuous innovation at every site.

Worldwide, we choose locations with the highest environmental and social standards for our production. In addition to our largest production site in Freiberg, Germany (Saxony), we systematically implement SolarWorld quality management at all of our production sites worldwide. Whereas other PV manufacturers opt for the discounted route, we always deliver maximum quality and performance at a fair price.


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