Ittefaq Solar System Pakistan


3hp solar tubewell

 5hp solar tubewell

 10hp solar tubewell

 15hp solar tubewell

 20hp solar tubewell


Poly Crystalline Solar panels

Mono Crystalline Solar panels

Ittefaq Solar Power System and Solution of Energy with Solar Power System. We Provide Complete Alternate Energy Solution With Solar Power System. We offer Various Types of Photovoltaic Solar Panels Such as Mono Crystalline Solar Panel and  Poly Crystalline Solar Panel. We provide Solar Panel Systems for Home And Commercial use with Powerful Capacity.


We provide clean, renewable solar energy at an affordable pricing. As a solar energy services company we:

1. Supplier solar modules or Solar Panels
2. Distribute and install these modules,
3. Generate solar power, and
4. Provide long-term service and maintenance.

5. Solar Charge Controller
6. Solar Batteries
7. Solar Inverters

8. Solar DC Wires

9. Solar Water Geyser
10. Solar Water Pumps

11. Solar LED Light

12. Multi Power Source

13 Solar Street Light

14. Solar Street Light Poles

15. Solar DC Fan


Available with us is a high quality range of solar panels that is widely used for generating electricity in an efficient and prompt manner, by using solar energy. These solar panels are especially designed to combat the increasing concern of global warming through reduction in greenhouse gas emission. The power range of these solar panels varies from 100 watt to 300 watt, depending upon the specific requirements of the clients.